Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hope of the future

Thinking back at all the times I ventured into the world to seek a purpose in life, each time there was a new direction, a new interest, a new idea, and never the time or the opportunity to continue what I started. What is it that keeps people going? You wake up each morning, you brush your teeth, send your kids to school and then you're caged in a cubicle at work for the rest of the day. By the time you get home, its dark and you can't do much nor do you have the energy to do it. You miss your kids and you feel guilty about leaving them for so long, at the end of the day, what is it all for? Are we really progressing? Is this speed train we're on going anywhere or is a free fall to the pit of the earth?

I've discovered that people need Hope. Its what we live for. Its the smile of my daughter when she reads her first word, or the happiness I see in my son's eyes when I buy him (yet another) shiny red car. Children are the hope, we feel they are the embodiments of our dreams, actual people that can make our hopes and dreams for a better future come true.

Children are what keeps us going, and you would only understand that once you have a child of your own.

I want to go home and give my children everything I can. To enable them to be better men and women than ourselves.

To Amina and Seif.
I love you both.

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